Friday, February 26, 2010

That's Done It

The slight but ever-so-apparent heavier coat of Relaxing Green glaze just above and below the shelf rail was still apparent this past couple of days. So when I got home from work this afternoon, I dabbed a bit more glaze on the less-dense parts of the closet walls and smeared it in with the pad.

Very good. That should do it.

And I brushed a second coat of the semi-gloss onto the wood trim. Not on all of it-- I scamped and only painted the parts one can readily see from the closet doorway. I mean, you read of those Greek temples where even the nonvisible elements above the column capitals were perfectly carved because the "gods" could see them even if humans could not. But my God reminds me that when He said "Be ye perfect," He was not referring to the head trim inside 15" deep closets.

So, good enough.

Well, almost. Because after I'd gotten everything put away, all sponges and brushes and pads washed and all the paint and glaze back down the basement, I noticed that I'd applied the glaze a little heavily in one spot . . . right where I could see it from the open door.

Oh, bugger. Back down cellar for the tinted glaze, the faux finish sponge, and a brush . . . Back upstairs and started wiping glaze away with a wet rag . . . oh, look, too much has come off . . . dot some more back on: better, not quite good enough; the green base coat hints through in other places but nowhere else with this texture . . . Can't sponge on a heavier coat, though, or I'll have the same problem all over again . . . OK, that's done; put everything downstairs and away again; came back upstairs to deal with dropcloths . . .

Oh, bugger, again. Drips from the wet rag have run down the wall and left marks. OK, let's even that up a bit. Wipe, wipe, wipe.

Oops, wiped a bit too much. Back down the basement for the tinted glaze, the faux finish sponge, and a brush . . . Dab a bit more on-- don't get too much-- Goodness! I wish I could match up the texture in that one place! Maybe I ought to have let it alone entirely! What can I do to make it the same?

But then I took off my glasses. With my eyesight, I couldn't tell a lick of difference. And nobody else will notice or care. It'll do. It's done.


Elaine said...

That's brilliant. From now on I'm going to take off my glasses for the will-anybody-else-besides-me-ever-notice test. Well done.

Kate H. said...

Yes, permanent farsightedness has its rare advantages.

Speaking of not being able to see things, I keep clicking on the link to your blog, trying to get to "We Have Lift-Off," and all I get is a page with only your stained glass window photo. I click on that, and the latest post is the one from the 3rd of February. Where's the problem, I wonder? I wanna read that new post!