Monday, February 22, 2010

In the Closet

I figured out why I couldn't find the gallon of faux finish glaze base on Saturday.

It's because it was a gallon of glaze base, a whole, unopened gallon of glaze base, and according to my Quicken register I returned it to the Big Orange Box Store in September for a refund.

Well, ok. So yesterday evening I went to the Blue and Gray Box Store (it's closer) and bought a quart of their version of the stuff.

I learned last summer that those little color sample pots you can get at the paint store work just fine for tinting the glaze. Normally, you wouldn't want to use them on your walls, since they lack the binding ingredients that paints have. But mixed in with the glaze, they're fine.

And I have a sample pot of a pale whitish-green that did fine for tint the first coat of faux finish glaze for my 2nd floor hall closet, with the addition of just a bit of the basecoat green.

Got it sponged on late this morning. Nothing artistic or fancy about it; it'll have another layer of the same tone or lighter on top. The idea is that the texture will be the same as in the hall, but the pale green color will pick up the base coat on the outside.

And if it doesn't, quite, no big deal. It's inside the closet, for goodness sake.

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