Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here a Little, There a Little

This evening-- o the excitement!-- we have primer applied to the wood trim inside the hall closet. Usually I wouldn't tackle that till the wall surface painting is done. But with the faux finish, I thought I'd do primer first so that if any random drips ended up dried on the walls, the final glaze coat would provide some camouflage.

Whatever. At least, the woodwork looks better with the beige covered. And I got the drips wiped off the walls. And off the stripped wood floor, mostly.
Which wood floor is why I'm doing the closet painting now. All spots can be removed before the finish goes on.

I suppose if I were an expert painter I would have taped off the door casing and got a nice even edge to the primer around there. But that messy edge will be covered up with the stop moulding, and I have more important things to think about in life than that level of perfection.

I guess I could give the primer an hour or so to dry then slop on the top glaze coat. But I really need to do my taxes.


Meanwhile, in other news . . . Look what I discovered in my front border when I got home from work this afternoon:
Here"s the daffs emerging in this 34 degree "warm snap," maybe as a nod to St. David's Day this coming Monday. Hope they'll survive when the freezing weather hits again.

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Elaine Vitone said...

DAFFS!!!! Oh, what a sight for sore eyes. Sigh...

That closet is looking good.