Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Point of No Return

I got home from choir practice around midnight tonight. The idea was to take the dog out, then go straight to bed.

But today (Monday) I got little or no woodwork stripped. So I thought I'd cover the floors in my living room and hallway so tomorrow (Tuesday) I can get right to work stripping in place the casing and sill of the communicating portal.

But can I-- ought I-- be using the heat gun on the underside of the sill with the wallpaper there?

No. Probably not safe.

So I pulled it off. Both sides. Living room paper came off more easily and completely; hallway side came off in layers and will need wetting and going over with a Paper Tiger to finish the job. But those portions are gone, gone, gone. And randomly and casually or as a deliberate effort, the rest of it will soon follow. If I had any thought of living with those beige papers for any longer, it's gone gibbering away. The point of no return has been passed.


Just A Girl And Her Craftsman said...

This is so great. I have only taken the 1960's wood paneling off of one portion of the Inglenook but the rest calls to me everyday. However, I know if I start in on it I will reach the "point of no return" and I'm too scared because I know I'm not ready to finish the entire project. The one problem I have is that I can't decide if I should just repair the 100 year old cracked plaster (which is under the wood paneling) or take it out and insulate and drywall it. I wonder how long plaster is supposed to last? Anyway,cheers to your "point of no return".

Sandy said...

So long wallpaper!