Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Progress, of a Sort

I've been working the past couple of days on stripping the casing and sill of the portal between the stairhall and the living room. Not steadily: the laundry and life have to be attended to some time.
The sill is interesting, since it evidently is a piece cut down and reused from somewhere else: Finished under the paint on both sides and one end but innocent of stain or natural finish on the long edges and the other end; with an unfinished breadth that shows where it once received some 2x member. No conception what it could have been; maybe someday I'll ask my PO-1.

But it left me the problem, how to even things out. Aha, guess this is a job for the belt sander my mom and stepdad bought me for my birthday over a year ago, a tool I used for the first time only a few days ago.

Well, the belt sander took care of that one area. And evened out some bad scratches. But now I have to figure out how to get rid of the ditches my novice sander-handling technique has left in the wood . . . and I don't think calling the piece "interestingly distressed" will satisfy. I'll deal with it tomorrow, when I'm less tired.

This past week, I did work in a few more hallway trim pieces stripped, so I'm up to 119, a little over 35%. I won't count the four I was working on this evening until they're totally done. Which-- see paragraph above-- ain't happening tonight.


Just A Girl And Her Craftsman said...

parallel lives
I'm stripping wood too.
I'll be watching your progress

elaine said...

Sigh... Some tools are just a little TOO effective. I've made some pretty awful gouges in things with a Dremmel. Slippery little bugger...

Congrats on the 35% mark. You are a warrior. Keep it up!

Kate H. said...

I'm a wounded warrior just now. Friday I was pulling a weed out by my board fence and got a splinter driven in behind my index fingernail. It broke off at the surface, of course! OK for typing, maybe OK for wallpaper removal, not so OK for pushing at the steel wool.

Well, I had other things to deal with this weekend, anyway!