Monday, September 15, 2008

Anybody Got a Chain Saw I Can Borrow?

We got a bit of a blow through here a few hours ago. A leftover from Tropical Storm Lowell from way out west, out in the Pacific.

Well, maybe more than a bit.

Now my parents live in Houston, and yesterday I was on the phone sympathizing with my mom over the three trees in their backyard that blew down early Saturday morning, in consequence of Hurricane Ike. One of them, she said, took down part of their fence.

Well, guess what, Mom: It must run in the family, because a big limb of my sugar maple came down in the windstorm this past evening and knocked down a big section of my fence.

Funny, it didn't fall outward into the neighbors' yard. No. It collapsed inward and apparently took out my sunflowers, my volunteer cherry tomato bush, and my new blackberry bush. And maybe a cabbage or two.Can't tell for sure till morning. And maybe not even then, not until I can bum somebody's chain saw and wood chipper. I don't see getting a tree surgeon over any time soon. Whole town's in the same mess I am, and a lot of people probably have it worse.


elaine said...

Wish we had a chainsaw to loan you. And I wish we could channel the energy of those storms for more useful purposes. I mean, why can't they hack away at the ugly shurbs on our front lawn, for example, instead of the big old beautiful tree down the street?!

Your dog and cat are cute!

Kate H. said...

Thanks for the kind thought and the compliment to my imanals!

I've had trouble with that particular maple before. Four years ago, another branch came down and took out part of the fence.

I hope you or your neighbor got a picture of that tree before it came down.

Funny thing: A neighbor tells me that our street is about the only area with power around here right now.

Sandy said...

I'm so glad you are all OK and the tree didn't land on the house. That was quite a blow-through! I laughed so hard at Rad and Llew! I get that kind of sass from my girls. I kept saying... Llew, uz hed betta leaves deh kitteh awone. Uz be sorry. Looks like he was!