Monday, September 22, 2008

Temporary Stand Down

I reached the one-third mark in the woodwork stripping yesterday evening. But not much is going to get done on it this week, as most of my time through Sunday is booked up on presbytery and music related commitments.

Too bad I can't keep going, since I'm eating into the woodwork in the 1st floor stairhall, and it's falling to my pry bars right, left, and center.

In fact, it's looking rather skeletal in there since Saturday evening, especially in the corner where it's now down to the studs.

Last night I pried off one of the 1/4" plywood facings on the doorway between the hall and the front room. Guess what? It covered up the old door strike mortise. What did I expect? That's where the front door used to be! The real question is, what am I going to do about it?

But that's another post.

Lots of interesting cracks and holes revealed once I pried off the baseboards. Good thing I'm not worried about nasty things crawling up from the basement! But I like the idea of laying down tile board before I put the baseboards back. The thought of wall-to-wall floors is most appealing.

Meanwhile, I boxed up more books in the living room, so I could move the bookcase and get at the last two pieces of baseboard in there. Look squalid and self-sacrificing enough for ya?
And what would the betting line be on whether I'll have any of this put away by Christmas?


Sandy said...

I luv how de kittehs iz heppin yuz...

Kate H. said...

Yez. Tehy iz teh hep catz!

purejuice said...

just picking up the saga of mount baseboardmore here. can't wait to find out what happens!!!!