Monday, March 16, 2009

Why I Bought the Ladder

Exactly a year ago I purchased a decidedly not-cheap Little Giant 22' adjustable aluminum ladder at the Pixburgh home show.

Today I fulfilled my purpose in buying it. Unless I learned to levitate, or sprouted wings like a bird that could wield a squirt bottle and a scraper, the adjustable ladder was really the most straightforward way for me to get the wallpaper off the walls of my stairhall.

I do wish I were strong enough to lift and manipulate the 27' model. A foot or two more of height would have come in handy. But I managed with the one I have . . . it took a little creativity, not to mention some mountain-climbing practice, to get the last five or six inches of wallpaper at the top of the wall opposite the 2nd floor landing. I won't go into detail, as neither I nor the Little Giant people would be willing to take responsibility if anyone should follow my Bad Example. But it worked.

I uncovered a greeting, of sorts, from my PO-1, or maybe from one of her kids. Too bad; it'll be forever obscured once I prime this wall. But maybe I'll think of something interesting to leave behind the new paper I'm hanging.

Though it'll never be seen, since the paper I'm planning to put up is so wonderful no one will ever take it down and it'll stay up forever and ever, amen.


Gene said...

Looks like the perfect tool for the job. Much better than setting up a makeshift scaffold balanced on a ladder, etc. I considered getting one to deal with the hillside outside the house here.

Sandy said...

I think that ladder is absolutely awesome! Years ago, I used to have a smiley face on my checks. LOL

purejuice said...

you are my hero. awesome.