Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nosy Neighbor Update

The nosy neighbor being me, of course.

Here's the latest view of the current condition of the back yard of the house across the alley:

Trees, fence, the forsythia and spirea I so helpfully pruned and maybe overpruned for the outgoing residents last summer; the roses that grew along the other side of the garage; driveway paving, the rest of the old loose bricks I probably should've salvaged even though they still had mortar on them; grass and weeds and topsoil, too-- all gone.


How much you want to bet that house has gone commercial like most of the rest of the houses on the other side of the block? And any day now the concrete trucks will show up and pour them a nice parking lot?

Only question remaining is, what kind of business? And how will it and its traffic affect me and my property?

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