Friday, March 13, 2009

Whut uh Purdy Culler!!

I've got the beige wallpaper off the walls of my 2nd floor hall, and I thought I'd share the beauteousness I'm going to be living with until they get repainted and repapered.

Ain't that a delightful color?

Believe it or not, I'm serious. I rather like that teal. I've always fancied having a living room or study done in that color, if I didn't do it in a rich red. I think I can deal with it quite nicely until the happy day when I can get the new paint and paper done. It's understandable how after a few years my PO-2 would have decided that deep green-blue and walnut-stained woodwork were too dark and go for paint and layer after layer of light wallpaper. But for a few weeks or even months, the teal is Quite All Right. It has Style and Class. Even with the scratch marks from the paper removal process.

Besides, the base color could have been fluorescent orange or acid green. All due respect to those who are keen on those tones, but they are not for me.

The teal paint is on the 1st floor hall walls, too. Ask me if I still like it when it's revealed in all its glory on two floors.

N'importe maintenant. Here's some before and afters of this afternoon's work:

I'm done with paper stripping for today. I have a choir concert to sing in this evening, and I'd rather not be squeezing by the ladder on the stairs while wearing my long black choir dress!


Why S? said...

I agree. You could do far worse than teal.

Anonymous said...

That's actually a nice color. Maybe you could use a touch of it somewhere - like an accent wall - when you're ready to re-paint.

Oddly I just banished the only patch of blue in our entire house about a month ago. I thought it was weird to have it cause there wasn't any other blue. Anywhere. And as soon as it was gone I started longing for a splash of Robins Egg blue somewhere. I've got a sickness...


Elaine said...

It's a beautiful color!

Sandy said...

I like the blue, too!