Thursday, March 12, 2009


About an hour and a half ago I was out in the alley, taking my dog to do his evening business.

While he was at it, I thought I'd wander over and see what was in the dumpster being filled up by the new owners across the way.

I took a keek and well, well, whaddya know! Bricks in the dumpster! A lot of them nice, whole, mortar-free bricks, too--must've missed them when the previous owner of the property let me haul off his brick pile last August. (Hidden in the leaf litter under the late lamented bushes, were they?)

And these fine, decorative-landscape-border-appropriate bricks were lying right at the edge of the dumpster, where even a shorty like me could reach them.

Hm. The previous owner said I could have all I wanted. And the new owners obviously don't want them . . .

So I did some impromptu, um, recycling. Four bricks at a time, carrying them into my yard and adding them to my pretty pile (I didn't have quite the nerve to load up my garden cart). I lost strict count at four dozen, but I'm pretty sure the final tally was a half-gross or more added on.

There are more bricks in there I might possibly be able to reach without falling in. But it was getting late, my animals needed fed, and even now I have wetted-down wallpaper waiting to be stripped in my 2nd floor hall.

But I am feeling ever so clever this evening! Don't know if I now have enough bricks to line both borders in my back garden, but I'm further on my way towards it.

Thanks to a little initiative and enterprise.



Why S? said...

Good score for you. It's shocking what some people will just send to a landfill. We listed our old fireplace bricks (complete with mortar) on Craigslist and we a dozen responses. The bricks now have a happy home in a restored Victorian.

Kate H. said...

I know. There's also all the perfectly good pieces of the board fence in that dumpster. Wrong size for me (if I wanted spare palings), but surely somebody could have used them!

Elaine Vitone said...

Excellent score, Kate! All around, your recent progress has me considering throwing my computer out the window. You are ON to something here....

Sandy said...

Great score on the bricks! I hate to throw things away if they are prefectly good. I always try to find someone to take whatever it is I don't want (or can't use) anymore. It's good to see you back.