Thursday, August 13, 2009

That's Enough

I admit it. I delayed and now I have wimped.

For the night, that is.

Didn't start painting my 2nd floor hall until 8:30 PM. By 11:30 PM I had its four walls coated with what has got to be the final layer of my faux finish and the paint tray was almost empty. Excellent excuse to say phooey on it, I'll clean up, turn in, and do the rest of it in the daylight.

Only I haven't done so well in the turning in department. I came up to my computer to do a quick blog post. But instead, inspired (or led astray) by Greg at the Petch House, I've spent the last, um, oh, I don't know how long on eBay looking at antique light fixtures. No business doing that right now, but no harm in asking a question or two about any that seem interesting, just in case, right?

The latest layer of paint is interesting in its own way. Not madly in love with the color effect, at least not in the incandescent glow of the hall light. But after seven blinking coats I think it will have to do. In that light, at least, the peach toned glaze blends in with everything underneath and looks kind of yellow. Or-- God forbid, beige.

But the textural effect is nice, and the new color's warmer and better than the cold gray-blue I had before, so I guess I can get used to it. (A lot will depend on the tone of the refinished woodwork.) Only alternative if I decided to chuck the whole thing would be to cover it all with wallpaper. Even after days of spackling and sanding, the plaster's too irregular and pitted for a flat one-color paint job.

(Here's where I think of a clever ending. But if I were clever, I would have crashed three hours ago.)


Sandy said...

I know I'm not supposed to laugh, but "snort", "giggle", the ending was funny.

I keep forgetting that I can't reply to you when you leave a comment on my spot. So, I have come to leave my answer here.

"Sandy McIntire - it might say either Detroit or Taylor, MI. If it gives an email address it would be

I am hoping ais fixed the sad."

Sandy said...

Yes. That's me. With my son. About 10 years ago.... :-)

Kate H. said...

Thought he looked like his dad. But thinner!