Saturday, August 15, 2009

Call the Shrinks

When I was in sixth grade, the fashion for anyone who was popular or wanted to be was to put together a little volume called a Slam Book. You passed it around your class and they, each under an alias, wrote down what they really thought of you.

I had my own Slam Book, of course. And on one page my sister (I recognized the handwriting) wrote, "She's too pertickuler."

Well, never mind the "particular" spelling. Fact is, Lynne* was right then and she'd be right now, if she saw what I did today to the walls in my 1st and 2nd floor halls.

I started over.

Yeah, I did.

The last two days I've been going back and forth over whether to settle for the faux effect I had upstairs when I stopped for the night early Thursday morning. By Thursday evening I'd decided I couldn't stand it and went up to the Orange Store for a new gallon of "Windsor Moss." Didn't have the chance to use it that night, and Friday (yesterday) I was thinking maybe what I had was okay after all and I'd just spent another $20 for nothing.

But I woke up this morning and looked out the bedroom doorway and thought, no. Do not like it. Do not want to put up with it. Adding the warmer top coat was the right idea, but not over all the other layers. The effect is not subtle and variegated, it's just mottled. Like unhealthy skin. No. Start over.

So the new green base coat is on and drying. I used a pad instead of a roller this time, and it's way faster. Only took me three hours to do everything, including ladder-moving. In the hands of someone who's not used to it, (like me!) however, the pad is also a lot messier than a roller. And lays down the paint not too evenly.

I've prepped a sample board to see if I can make this green coat work the way it is. I really do not not not want to have to put on a second coat of it this time!

But maybe hoping for that is just as nutty as refusing to live with the finish the way it was early Thursday.

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