Friday, August 14, 2009


You know how in my last post I admitted to casually browsing antique light fixtures for my dining room on eBay late Wednesday night?

Well, now I'm trying to decide whether I'm actually going to commit to one.

Here it is:

She's a beaut, ain't she? But I haven't decided if this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to satisfy my yen for all things Gothick, or if I'd be acquiring a hideous piece of High Eclectic Shamanism (avec hommage to Prof. Lou Michels, my brilliant college architecture history prof) and a Wicked Waste and Frivolity.

Early yesterday morning I was dreaming of this chandelier and how much I waaaaaaannnted it-- usually a sure sign I should buy something and that I will be Very Glad if I do and Very Unhappy if I don't. This piece is unique and fun and marvellous. It's exactly the right size. It has six (count 'em, 6) lights in it-- great because I read at the dining room table constantly. Oh, yes, oh, yes, want!

But I looked at it again and my chikenhed streak starting leaking through. Shouldn't my dining room feature something more classical-- like this?

Maybe, but the ersatz Gothicky chandelier will look loverly with my William Morris "Savernake" wallpaper and "Strawberry Thief" curtain material.
Matter of fact, we can say the archer is shooting at the birds!

And there's that wonderful Jacobean tridarn I've been drooling over at the antique emporium up the road. Yeah, I haven't visited it for a few months and they may have sold it by now. But I can dream, right? And if I could get it, this chandelier will go with it perfectly.

Besides, the Rejuvenation fixture I'm looking at, they want over $800 for it these days. Owwww!

On the other hand, the 19th century Medieval fixture being flogged on eBay is, possibly, a little too idiosyncratic?

So what to do, what to do? Auction ends in a couple-three hours, gotta make a decision soon!

Update 8:08 EDT-- I went ahead and put in a bid on it. If I get busy and somebody else swoops in and outbids me, that'll take care of that quandary, won't it?

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Sandy said...

I think they call that Divine intervention...

p.s. My word verify was "phifter." Made me laugh!