Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dogged Does It

I did do it yesterday. I gave in to the inevitable and applied a third coat of the light peach glaze on the hall walls. Started at the bottom this time around, in case I ran out of glaze. In the event, I didn’t.

The glaze job this time around took way more than the usual eight hours. Problem was the touch up work at the ceiling. Oh, gosh, that took a long time! Fun with two colors (ceiling and top coat glaze) and the detail brush. Sometimes the sliver of green was on the ceiling, sometimes it was at the top of the wall. I used whatever was appropriate. Good thing, I’m thinking, that I decided the third coat of the top color was necessary. The touch up at the top needed blending always, and the last glaze coat gave an excuse for that.

Didn’t finish up till after 5:00 this morning and didn’t get to bed till 6:00 AM.

Even so, I couldn’t move on from painting and work on something else today. Noticed already last night that there were several places where a darkish strip, like a five o'clock shadow, was left at the top of the walls where I hadn’t put on so much of the light glaze. Meaning one more trip around with the ladder to take care of it! And I hadn’t done the final glazing on the wall below the stair rail, the part that will be behind the balusters when I reinstall them.

All that got taken care of by sometime this evening. As I worked I had my Welsh choir practice music wafting down from my computer up on the third floor; turned up loud, so I could hear it and sing along with it. By the time I finished touching up the dark spots, had evened out some other field areas, and was decanting the remainder of the glaze into a glass jar, the concert music had been succeeded by that of my favorite Scots and Irish music CD and I figured I should stop serenading the neighbors with it and go up and turn it off or down.

And didn't extract myself from the computer's embrace for two hours thereafter. It was rising 11:00 by the time I came back downstairs to finish rinsing out the little paint tray and the now-empty glaze gallon glaze can. Still, it occurred to me that not only might I remove the blue painter’s tape from the hall woodwork, I really ought to, before it stuck permanently.

This was fun. Made me feel as if I had actually gotten something accomplished.

But it seemed I should get even more done this evening. So I collected the heat gun, leather gloves, scrapers, and so on from the basement to see what could be done with the paint on the 2nd floor hallway floor.

But no, not yet. Not until I'd reinstalled the 2nd floor wall sconce and the switchplate below it. Polished the brass switchplate first.

Did do a little on the stairs to the 3rd floor, by which I mean I mutiliated the wood of the second and third risers a little more, pulling out the old copper carpet pad staples. Oh, my, there are still so many of them!

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