Saturday, September 24, 2011


8:00 this morning.  I haul myself out of bed and endeavor to make myself look respectable.  The roof inspector is coming at 8:30, after all.

8:43.  The roof inspector hasn't arrived.  I take advantage of his delay and vacuum the waves and billows of pet hair off the front room floor.

9:15.  I've been worrying/wondering/getting annoyed for the past half hour at least.  I leave a message on his cell phone politely inquiring if something's gone wrong, did he still expect to make it this morning, or should we reschedule.

I'm hungry.  I start cooking my breakfast.

9:21.  I post on Facebook that I think he's forgotten.

9:40.  I'm finishing my breakfast.  The phone rings.  It's the roof inspector.  He got himself rear-ended  two miles from home, his driveshaft was destroyed, and he's temporarily without a vehicle.  Could we reschedule for Tuesday morning at 9:00?


9:45.  I'm glad I wasn't a jerk on the phone message.

After that, you think I'd go back to bed, or at least work on my sermon for tomorrow.  No.  As mentioned previously, I've been researching spray foam insulation as a possible replacement for the moldy pink fiberglass in my attic crawl space, and I found out online the other day that one of the biggest installers in the Pittsburgh area was going to be exhibiting at the Allegheny County Green and Innovation Festival (hmm.  Kind of a failure of parallelism there, what?).  And somehow I preferred to make my initial overtures face to face.

Here are some views of the fair:

I found the foam insulation people there, and learned the name of the rep who'd be happy to come out and look at my job, as soon as his schedule would be freed up in a fortnight or so. 

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Nina said...

I'm also interested in spray foam for my attic floor. I currently have no insulation whatsoever and do not want to face another $520 gas bill this winter. I will be tearing out the plaster ceilings upstairs anyway due to sagging and to make easy access for rewiring. So it'd be easy to have someone come spray. Let me know what you find out.