Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting There: Wall Crack Repair

I am getting work done on my 3rd floor study, and maybe by Christmas I can bring all the paint pots downstairs and say it's completed.

No, really, I started the repairs on the wall crack Sunday evening.  I'd at first envisioned enlarging it with the 5-in-1 and depositing a little spackle in there, but whom am I kidding?  Any thing that's that deep means plaster that's coming loose, and that means redoing it the Big Wally Way.

So, adhesive and anchors in late on Sunday, anchors out and first coat of joint compound applied after midnight Monday night, second coat joint compound went on midday Tuesday, and it got the third coat early afternoon and the fourth later in the evening yesterday. 

Earlier today, I got the final coat wet sanded and laid on a load of latex primer, and a couple of hours ago, I painted the repaired wall with the light yellow.  It's neat not being able to tell where the cracks were.

So that part is finished.  More or less.  Mostly.  More on this presently.

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