Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting There: Caulk

While doing these various repair and painting tasks around my study the past few days, I've continued to listen to episodes of Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection on YouTube.  And it definitely gets into your head. 

So this afternoon when I'd peeled off the plastic dropcloth I'd taped to the baseboard to make it easier to prime the repair on the west wall, I seemed to notice for the first time in eight years the messy, gaping gap between the baseboard and the plaster.  And in my mind's ear sounded the voice of Mike Holmes saying, "It only would have taken them a minute to run a bead of caulk along that!  Messy, sloppy, shoddy!"

And here I'd bought a tube of caulk for this project, but had thought I could get away without using it.  Oh, all right. Yessir, yessir!

I proceeded to caulk that baseboard (what I could do without moving heavy furniture-- sorry).  I caulked along the top of the baseboard at the ledge by the attic hatch door.  And along the top of the base on the wall perpendicular to that.  I don't think I did a particularly artistic job of smoothing it.  And whether or no, I'm going to have to come back with the light yellow paint and touch it all up.

But I admit it looks better, and piddling as it is, it does count as progress.


Blue Shoe Farm said...

I love Holmes on Homes. Makes me feel better when I gripe about funky things in my house... since he would be ten times more indignant about it.

Nina said...

I love Mike Holmes and want to marry him :)

Good to know that I can watch Holmes inspection on youtube.