Thursday, April 15, 2010

Got This Done!

When my surgery was scheduled for the end of March, it bugged me that I wasn't going to get the Blue Angel holly bushes I bought last fall planted. I heard it needed to be done by mid-April, and one of them didn't look like it'd gotten through the winter that well. Lots of dry leaves and desiccated berries on it. I didn't think they'd survive till June, when I'll be allowed to lift heavy objects again.

If I can lift heavy objects by then . . .

And somehow, I couldn't see asking some random neighbor to come over and dig out fifteen to twenty cubic feet of landscape rock, extract deep and persistent arborvitae roots, test the soil, amend it as needed, and plant those hollies for me by income tax day.

But with my operation being postponed, and a day yesterday when I didn't get called in to work, I was able to finish digging out the river rock and get those shrubs planted myself.

This evening, I mulched them in.

Yay!!! Finally, finally, got that job done!

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