Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good Signs

No pictures yet (it's dumping rain), but I'm pleased to announce that despite the snow and the cold this past winter, my crape myrtles not only made it, but are starting to leaf out on the old wood!

They're the ones I planted in January of 2008. Winter before last (2008-2009), they died down to the roots-- at least, I think they did. I cut down the dead-looking twigs in the spring, at any rate. But this spring I've been too busy to cut them down, and good thing I was.

Annnndddd . . . The white lilac I moved from the west side of the house to the east in the fall of 2008 is not merely sporting baby leaves, but also the buds of masses of blossoms!

Happy, happy! I shall have lilacs in my side dooryard!

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