Thursday, October 2, 2008

For the Time Being

If you read through my blog, you'll notice it's my dream and desire to replace the 21 year old metal insulated windows with new, historically-accurate-but-insulated wood windows.

But with 27 windows to do, it just ain't feasible right now.

So today I had the metal window technician over to look at them, to get what I've got tightened up for the winter, for the time being.

Joy and gratitude! he was able to fix a couple of things today. The front window screen that refused to stay in when my cat lay against it, it just needed new clips and rescreening. Done.

And the bedroom window sash that absolutely refused to close, turned out it had broken cams. Replaced, done.

I'm now waiting for a bid to replace the two glazing units that've been fogged the past two winters already, and the broken sash rail on one of the windows in the front room. Hope it won't run to too much.

But if I'm stuck with these windows for awhile, things are already better. For the time being.


Sandy said...

I love the supervisor sitting on the bed! So glad the window guy could fix the windows!!

Kate H. said...

And the other four-legged supervisor standing to the left? He was especially helpful!