Sunday, July 6, 2008

Call of Nature

As a Great Blogger has said in another place, tending the garden, while rendering satisfaction to the gardener, does not make for entertaining blog posts.

And tending the garden is what I have been involved in, lo, these many days.

So I thought I'd post a few photies to show where it stands (and grows) as of today:
The vegetable garden is planted and growing. Unfortunately, so is the spurge and purslane in the cobblestone path.

The broccoli is beginning to form heads. This one is about an inch and a half across.

The sedum and whatever that purple stuff is I got from my friend Steve's* mom has established itself happily, and the hostas are trying to take over the world. (They may look like flower stalks, but they're actually secret devices for communicating with the Mother Plant.)

The impatiens and vincas are planted all around the maple tree, and the grass I seeded in about a month ago is actually growing. It'll look even more impressive (to me, at least!) when it gets thick enough to cover the straw mulch. No, I do not have dead yellow patches anymore!

And this evening I removed yet another three or so loads of landscape rock from the east border. There's still rock-- and landscape fabric-- under that mass of ajuga. Need to decide where to move it to. Too tired to think about it tonight.

On Tuesday, there just may be something happening here worth houseblogging about. Stay tuned.


Jennifer said...

Youcan eatthe purslane... veggies in thepath, too! I can't wait to have a garden.

Kate H. said...

I've heard about eating purslane . . . Maybe I should try the bits of it that are actually growing in the beds? The other stuff I'm walking on. As is the dog. LOL!

Sandy said...

Everything looks so nice! Glad all that hard work is going to pay off.