Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Kitchen Faucet Chronicle, Part 2

My friend Steve* came over this morning, children Stevie* and Letitia* in tow, to finish installing my kitchen faucet.

The supply lines he got at Lowe's yesterday fit fine. Unfortunately, the ferrules that came with them were too long.

The three of them departed to see a cartoon movie at the mall, and I went out and pulled weeds in my garden to console myself-- sob!-- for having to bear another two hours of no water supply in the kitchen.

Back they came sometime after noon, the kids bearing crumbly snacks and news about the movie (The Pebble and the Penguin) and Steve with the right-length ferrules.

And hurray! My new faucet is installed and working!

Steve* told me, "There's a little water down here. I didn't have it tightened enough at first, and it sprayed a little."

Right, right, whatever. I'm sure it's good now.

So, after we raided my garden for lettuce and celery for them to take home, I saw the family off and went to enjoy my new faucet. Ran the water and experimented with the spray feature and oh, boy, it actually works!

But it was still grotty in the cabinet underneath. Took an old towel to wipe it out.

Oh my gosh, this is sopping! Do I have a leak? And there's drips running down the lines, too! Should I phone Steve* and ask him to come back?

Steady on, Kate. Easiest solutions first. He did say it'd sprayed some, right?

Right. Wiped up the water on the cabinet bottom, wiped off all the hoses and lines. Turned on the water. No drips, no leaks. Huzzah!

But no way I could just put my soap and cleaners and sponges and all back in. The cabinet bottom would have to be painted first.

Dilemma: Down the basement, I had white latex paint, but couldn't find the latex primer. I had oil-based primer, but no oil-based paint. Something would have to be purchased, regardless. Decided with the ever-present chance of moisture, I'd go for oil-based.

And I'd do it tonight. Off on an emergency run to Lowe's! Where I bought the very last quart can of semi-gloss oil-based paint! (Apparently the Pennsylvania EPA's banning the sale of it after the end of this year.) And a quart can of latex primer, just-in-case!

Home again, I open the can of oil-based primer. It was left by my Previous Owners. Or maybe by their Previous Owners.

Can this primer be saved?

I think not.

Oh, well. I've decided the paint needs tinted to match the cabinet fronts anyway. I'll take off a door and bring it in to Lowe's with the paint tomorrow.

Besides, I have to return the can of latex primer. I found mine. Almost full. Under my nose. Right on my workbench.

Does Lowe's have some sort of cabinet thingy where I can safely store my brain?


Why S? said...

a ferrule?

Sandy said...

I'm so glad you finally got wattah in the kishun!!

Kate H. said...

Ere doo be duh ferrule deffynishion, fur yer reedin plshure:

Being without water in the kitchen for a couple of days wasn't so bad, since I keep the tea kettles full. And did a lot of running down the basement to the laundry room sink!

Now, if the water was totally off and I had to resort to the rain barrel . . .