Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Crape Myrtle Watch 080604

I think we're making some progress in the lagerstroemia department. Though I'm still not satisfied re: possible cases of mistaken identity.

Today we have an addition to the overall view. I dumped in the Siberian iris I was given by my friend Hannah's* mother-in-law. We'll see if they're happy there. They obviously were happy enough in the plastic grocery sack in my garden cart to start blooming!

(What this will mean for the daffodils I planted in about the same place a couple weeks ago, I'll learn next spring.)

"New Orleans" mini No. 1, branching out:

"New Orleans" mini No. 2 (I hope), also making a nice show:

"Pixie White" coming along:
"Bayou Marie" has caught hold, but I'd like to see it bigger, faster. Maybe it's developing its roots?

You'll notice I cut the twigs off all the ones in the bed by the sidewalk. I first wanted to make absolutely sure I couldn't expect any new leaves off the upper branches of the old growth. This plant doesn't work that way, so today the twigs got the ax. Or the secateurs, rather.

I'm afraid "Velma's Royal Delight" seems to be une infante defuncte. A sad and stately pavane may be in order; more likely, a phone call to the grower in Florida.

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Sandy said...

Looking so nice! Poor little thing in the last photo...