Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ain't I Clever?

Monday evening I set the sprinkler to give my front yard a good drenching. It hadn't rained for a week and a half, I'd laid down fertilizer (organic) the previous Thursday, and the lawn and the plantings needed some help.

I positioned the sprinkler so it wouldn't splash in the front windows, and let it go a good hour and a half. Maybe two hours.

This afternoon, then (or yesterday afternoon, by now), I went down the basement to get the wrenches to replace my lawn mower blade. Sniff, sniff! This basement smells musty. Didn't smell that way yesterday . . . I wonder, what--?

Opened the door to my workshop, turned on the light, and oh, yuck! Water seepage all along the wall at the front of the house!

Boy, ain't I clever! I may have adjusted the sprinkler position so the water wasn't hitting the windows, but it was hitting the foundation square on!

Yuck, yuck, yuck!

Not to be confused with the Three Stooges' "Yuk-yuk-yuk!"!

I'm not in a position to call in any of the basement waterproofing guys I interviewed a year or so ago. But I have taken the advice of one of them (the last one) and ordered a second dehumidifier specifically for the workshop. Wish I dared get the brand with the pump and hose I can feed to the outside. But it gets such bad reviews at I'm having to setting for a model I'll have to empty by hand, since the only drain is at the other end of the basement. A pain in the whatsit, but what can you do?

I knew I was going to have to get a dehumidifier for that room now that the hot weather has begun; I just didn't think that I and my lawn sprinkler were going to set it such a formidible inaugural task.

Clever, kid. Clever.

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Sandy said...

Loved the phrase "pain in the whatsit"! I had to quit running the dehumidifier in the house because the girls were fascinated with the water in the little "bucket" at the back of it and it was a TOTAL pain in the whatsit to empty (not to mention that it emits heat)!