Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crape Myrtle Watch 080528

It's been a little warmer this past week . . . So how are the crape myrtles doing?

The one I'm calling "New Orleans" No. 1 is spreading nicely:
New Orleans No. 1
New Orleans No. 2
"New Orleans" No. 2 is worrying me a little. Not because it's not healthy and growing, but because it doesn't look like its twin. Kind of like Arnie Swarzenegger and Danny DeVito, ya know?

In fact, the plant that was labelled "Pixie White" looks more like a mini than "New Orleans" No. 2 does. Separated at birth?
Pixie White.  Maybe.
"Bayou Marie" should be the biggest of them all in this bed, but so far . . .
Bayou Marie
And, as before, "Velma's Royal Delight" isn't being too delightful. If it doesn't take hold, do I lobby for a replacement? Or give up and plant something else?
Velma's Royal Delight
I forgot to take any overall views today; at least, not of the crape myrtle bed out by the sidewalk. So to make it up to you, may I present my first full-blown poppy of the year?