Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crape Myrtle Watch 080521

What I'll do for the cause of Science!

I mean, what's the use of embarking on an experiment if you're not going to collect your data at the planned intervals? And what's the use of collecting the data if you're not going to present it?

So here, in the usual order, are the lagerstroemias:

First, the overall view, with the daffodils I transplanted from the backyard to make room for the transplanted sand cherry, which got moved to make room for the new Nikko Blue hydrangea:

Then "New Orleans" No. 1:

And "New Orleans" No. 2:

"Pixie White":

"Bayou Marie":

And "Velma's Royal Delight." Is Her Highness sulking? I realize the weather's still been pretty cool, but not a leaf bud? Not a peep? O fie!

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