Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Fair Way of Amendment

My little eleven-by-five-foot-six kingdom on the East Border has received reinforcements.

I mean, soil amendments.

We got yer well-rotted cow manure and yer mushroom compost . . .

And a solid ton of peat moss (well, it felt heavy enough!) . . .

And then all the leaf mould and topsoil I'd saved in a tarp on my bit of patio:

Then in and down with the spading fork and up and over . . .

And that's all for tonight, folks: It was getting too dark to tell the difference between peat moss and red sand.

The real down and dirty happens tomorrow, when I get on my knees with the garden fork and try to persuade all this dirty goodness to mix and mingle and make something like decent soil.

And when I get out my pan and screen again and pull up and screen out all the stones my spading fork kept hitting about 8" down this evening. Not imported landscape rocks this time: The ones the soil around here is naturally "blessed" with.

O teh roundee rockes, teh rowndie rockks!
Haow ai duz luvvz teh rouwndee roxx!!


Elaine said...

Oh, to be a green leafy thing in your eleven-by-five-foot-six kingdom! Looking great out there, Kate.

Kate H. said...

Yes, and I plan to expand that kingdom to the north and the south, when the time is right to continue the River Rock Mulch war!

Anonymous said...

I was looking at your blog. Your boarders look nice. Gardening is a lot of work but don't you just love the look when it's done.