Monday, March 24, 2008

Piano Tuna!

The piano is tuned! It sounds like music!

And Doug the Piano Tuner was able to find me some spare hammers to replace the two missing ones! And he put a third string on the top note, where it was missing!

He tells me it tuned up just fine. He played a jazz piece to test it out, and I have the vid to prove it!

The next effort will be for me to tune myself. I have to prevent all this success from making me regret the clack in the keys.

Hellsbells, Kate, Lester is 97 years old! You can’t really hear the clack unless you’re right on top of it. You've got nothing to complain about. So stop it! stop it! stop it!!

. . . This is my damned perfectionist streak creeping out. No, I'm not consistently perfectionistic. If things are generally awry, I let them go and don’t worry. In fact, I put up with and ignore all sorts of mess and chaos-- witness the scabby state of my woodwork the past four years. But if things are aaallllmost right, I want them to be right altogether, blast it.

Tough tuna. With a 1911-vintage upright piano, It. Ain’t. Happening.
(If anyone is interested, the tuner's two visits, including time, parts, and labor, ran me under $100. It's money well spent.)


Sandy said...

Well, Kate, I think it sounds GREAT! If you get a minute, pop on over to my spot. I have a little something for you...

Jennifer said...

Yeah tuned piano! We STILL haven't tuned ours...

Kate H. said...

Find out who tunes the pianos for the small churches in your area and get a price from him. It's worth asking.

Sandy, thanks. I have followed through.