Thursday, March 13, 2008


The piano tuner has come and gone, and guess what! He was able to bring my 1911 Lester piano up a whole tone to match concert pitch!

Or maybe not, not quite, not yet. He said, "I tuned it, but it won't sound like it's in tune. I still have to fine tune it. We'll let it settle, then I'll come back and do that."

He tried to explain to me how a piano can be in tune, yet sound like it's out. But I haven't a good enough grip of the science of harmonics to understand how that works. But I can hear it when I play it. A little jangly, ya know?

He'll return on Easter Monday, and do the fine tuning. Meanwhile, if I turn off my aural "Ouch" reflex, I can actually use my piano to learn choir music, without having to transpose a tone up!

Good news, good news! . . . On the other hand, the rattle I get when I strike the keys with any force-- I'm stuck with that. It's because Lester is old. He harmonizes well with my creaky elbows and knees!


Jennifer said...

Cool! I'm embarrassed because we STILL haven't tuned our piano, a whole rough move and 3 years later! Maybe I'll get around to it soon.... :)

Kate H. said...

I wanted to get this guy in as soon as possible. He advised me on the acquisition and his fees are very reasonable.

And with learning the choir music, I didn't dare keep using an instrument that was off, lest I get my part in my head wrong. I do that, I wouldn't have a head left-- my choir director would bite it off!