Sunday, March 16, 2008

Home Show, Part I: A Lotta Stuff!

Yesterday I spent six or more hours wandering around the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show.

Funny how that worked. I'd intended to check the guide and visit only the vendors' booths I was really interested in, then get myself out of there. Ha! Wandered up and down every aisle on both floors, then came round and did it again, just in case I'd missed something.

This home show is really great if you want vinyl fencing, cast concrete patio wall and paver systems, hot tubs, and any kind of replacement window. Me, not so much. Did take some window literature, but I still favor using the local custom wood window people, who did not have a rep there.

What I was looking for especially was local lumber and millwork suppliers, in case I decide to replace any of my interior trim. I established diplomatic relations with three of these. But before I go visit their yards, I believe I'll first check out Construction Junction, the Pittsburgh area building materials reuse and recycling place. There's enough foursquare houses being remodelled around the region--maybe some of the original disused yellow pine trim ends up there.

I also talked to a few patio room suppliers, to see if they could make me some demountable storm/screen infills for my too-breezy, snow-permeable, closed-in back deck. Maybe, maybe not. I picked up that it's an idea I'll have to wait to develop until I have the means and intention to do it right away. These dealers typically weren't interested in making site visits and giving me estimates on a job I might get to in 2009.

Understandable. But by then, I may figure out a way to build them myself!

I renewed my CostCo membership, sampled a lot of dip mixes, bought some dried mango slices to munch on, purchased a cute and inexpensive garden hose holder called "Gecko Toes," resisted snapping up a really beautiful but unnecessary queen-sized handmade bed quilt at $150, and determined that no one, but no one was exhibiting the kind of art ceramic floor tile I've decided is exactly what I need for my first floor stair hall. Too bad.

Even though I wore out a lot more shoe leather than I'd intended, wandering around all the exhibits and around again, I have an excuse-- I had to go back: I'd resolved not to buy anything the first time through.

And six hours and not much to eat later, how am I supposed to remember where the products I was interested in were?


We are in said...

Oh please, please, please! Do you think you might share the name of your local custom window people? We just moved here last year, need new windows, and have NO idea who is good and who stinks.

And BTW - thanks for renewing your Costco membership! :o)

Kate H. said...

Here you go: It's Allied Millwork at Or more useful might be to drop into the shop at 3206 block of Penn Avenue (just east of the Strip District). It's easier to explain what you want than doing it by email or over the phone. and that way you can see what they do and meet the dog and the cats!

I haven't actually used them yet, but they come highly recommended and their products look wellmade and sturdy. And the prices I was quoted were very reasonable!

Kate H. said...

Sorry. That's "dogs," plural.


We are in said...

Thank you SO much, Kate! If they have dogs and cats on the premises that's just like icing on the cake. I always feel better about doing business with people who enjoy having their pets around.

Our new neighbors two doors down need their windows replaced too. Maybe we'll make a day trip out of it.

St. Blogwen said...

That'd be nice. You could go to the Strip and stock up on cheese and pasta while you're at it!

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