Monday, February 4, 2008


On the 30th I forecast that I should be able to get a good twelve or more pieces of trim stripped and ready to refinish in the next week.

Yeah, right.

For one thing, the refinisher shipment hasn't arrived yet. That's what I get for being cheap and choosing ground freight.

For another, it wouldn't make a whole lot of difference if it had. I was down in my workshop Saturday night, about to switch out the 3/4 extension drawer glides for some 1" overtravel glides on a self-assemble wooden file cabinet I've been meaning to put together since the middle of last fall. All I had plugged in to the screw-in recepticle in the pullchain light was the radio and the fluorescent light over the workbench. And the pullchain light itself was on below it.

Then suddenly, darkness and silence. The connection had gone out on me. Got up on the stool and tried screwing the recepticle fitting in tighter. It was tight already. And warm.

It was fried.

So there will be no using of worklights or heatguns or anything of that nature until the electrician comes and installs my new 20 amp circuit. My usual guy got back with me today and his bid was better than that of the other firm whose rep came out when the connection went dead a couple weeks ago.

But he can't make it till the 12th. He's up to his eyeballs wiring a new house somewhere.

So I'll wait. And in the meantime, I can always dry-chip the loose paint off the stair stringers and upstairs hall trim. It's pleasant, clean, mindless work, as long as you mind not gouging the woodwork and making sure the cats don't eat the paint chips . . .


Sandy said...

You just can't win....

Kate H. said...

The funny thing is, Wednesday afternoon the connection came back on, all by itself. But when I went down in the evening and needed the light, it was on the fritz again!

I'll wait for the expert.