Saturday, February 9, 2008

In the Meantime

I can't strip wood trim down the basement until after the electrician comes next Tuesday.

There's not enough light down there to use the chemical stripper (which arrived safely last Tuesday). There's no outlet to plug in the heat gun.

But I can still make progress. I can chip away-- literally-- at the loose paint on the stair stringers.

Here I present my progress after last night.

Before--Outside wall with previous work:

After--Outside wall stringer, dry-chipped (and pink kitten):

Before--Inside stringer, with beige paint (and tabby kitten):

After--Inside stringer, with progress in de-beigeing:

It's true that the stairway looks narrower with the dark wood than it did with the beige paint. But I'm not going to let that concern me. The house was built with woodwork dark natural, and dark natural it shall be.

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