Friday, February 8, 2008

A Thought

I've been online reading up on do-it-yourself piano moving and why not to do it-- especially with pianos the size of the one I've been offered.

It does rather look as if, by having amateurs do it, I could be risking expense in increased insurance rates-- not to mention damaged friends and friendships--what I would be saving on a professional piano mover.

But if this is the case, the church, unless they want to smash it up and take it out piece by piece, will also have to pay the professionals to get it out of their basement.

Wonder if they'd consider splitting the cost?

(I'll wait and hear what the piano tuner/technician says before getting too deep into the moving issue.)


Jennifer said...

I would get the professional... it cost a lot to rent the truck and the piano moving dollies by yourself! We only saved about $20 doing it by ourselves. We had to, since the movers were all booked up and couldn't do our last minute piano moving.

If you look at it like this... free piano plus $100 in moving equals a $150 piano... which is STILL very cheap!

I love the detail on that piano. Very cool! Here's hoping the soundboard isn't cracked and it passes the tuner's inspection!

Kate H. said...

I just talked to the tuner on the phone and he gave me the criteria to listen and look for. I think he said buzzing was a sign of a cracked soundboard . . . No evidence of that. I need to go back anyway to check on the alternative exit, so I can pick up the tests I didn't know to run yesterday. Tuner says he'll come if there's anything I'm still unsure of.

The professional piano mover(vs. movers who also do pianos) he recommends runs $300 or so. I'll think about that later!