Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Someone Else's House

Please allow me a measure of non-house-restoration self-indulgence.

I mentioned earlier that I took my parents sight-seeing on Saturday. One of the sights we went to see was a church I worked on as project architect when I was full time with the big design firm. The program was to restore the tabernacle to the central axis, and to return the choir pews and organ, which were moved in the early 1980s to the chancel behind the altar, back to the rear balcony.

We came up with a scheme the parish priest and the donor liked, and eventually we convinced them to let us (that is, me) design the new reredos instead of shipping something over from Europe or letting an outside consultant do it.

So here it is. Very handsome, in my humble opinion!

I'm sorry I can't provide an overall view of the completed choir loft millwork and organ case. The house lights were off when we came. I had access to the light panel, but it's the fancy new one that's just been installed, and I've never seen it, I've never been shown how to use it, and I didn't want to risk messing up the settings just before Saturday evening Mass. So I let it alone.

Here's another shot of the reredos from the dedication last December. Not bad work for a Prot, eh?

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