Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Poor Dog, Poor Door, Poor Me!

I've got a very smart dog, I do. But he's not enough of a canine genius to remember over night which side of the back screen door he's supposed to come in by, now that the dog door is installed.

He's also very strong. And when he came barrelling back in this morning, this was the result:

(Maybe I shouldn't have hooked the door?)
I've put the screen back the best I can. And I stuck warning tape on the Wrong side. Though since then, it's fallen off.
But by this evening, my mutt seems to have caught on. "Aw rawt, rawt, yuppins, dis is da side Aw paws at an' it moves an' Aw ken go throo! Yuppins, here Aw go!"

But as they used to say, don't the screen look Dogpatch? It's no longer a matter of redoing the mesh, the whole frame has literally gone to rack and ruin.

I'll worry about it later. I have a sermon to finish for a pulpit supply assignment. It's for a service tomorrow night at a Lutheran church down the river, with a repeat on Sunday. Sung Communion. Should be interesting.

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