Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How I Spent My Birthday

It's wonderful what you can justify when it's your birthday.

And when you've got family coming and you don't want them to know what a lazy, disorganized slob you've been . . .

So I went shopping. First, at a nursery over in the next county that I only get to when I have other business over that way. A lunch meeting was my excuse today.

It's not the cheapest source of plants, but they've got great variety. It's owned by a man I know in my presbytery, and he's known to give pastors discounts. He wasn't in today, however, so it was full price for me.

Oh, well. I came home with three good-sized tomato plants, one cherry, one Roma, and one regular round; two flats of torenias in various colors for underneath my maple tree, two alstroemerias for my front steps, and a wrought iron hanger to put up a set of windchimes my mother sent me last Christmas.

They are none of them planted yet. Soon as these were home and stowed, it was off to the Home Depot to return the stock painted wood medicine cabinet I bought there last March.

Yes, last night I finally got around to starting on the tile surround for the bathroom medicine cabinet. Made good progress-- till I tried the new cabinet and discovered it was about 3/8" too wide.

Took it back today, then promptly wiped out the credit buying a 2.5 hp Ridgid shop vac.

Well, hey, I need one, don't I? I can't go on ruining my regular vacuum cleaners, can I? Besides, it was on sale.

And it's my birthday.

(Never you mind which one.)

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