Saturday, May 12, 2007

Something Uplifting

I love perennials. When it's mid-Spring and I've gotten behind (as usual) with my indoor seed starting, or it seems it's rained every weekend for two months, or my work doesn't let me get outside till 9:00 PM, the perennials are still on the job, pushing through the ground, budding out, and assuring me I'm going to have a garden this year, in spite of myself.

So on that note, allow me to intruduce a couple of my stalwarts.

These are my kerrias (Japanese rose, kerria japanica). I've had them in the ground for two years now, and this year's is their best show so far.

Here's the clematis "President". Got this fellow on late-season sale at Lowe's a year or so ago for $1.50 maybe. And despite the backwards Winter and early Spring we had in southwestern Pennsylvania, already it's doing very well.

And lest you think I've done no proper gardening this season at all, here are the lettuces and the spinach (two kinds). Sowed the seeds sometime the last week in March. This is all the further along they are, but see above about bass-ackward weather.

(Yes, they need thinned. I'm waiting till the thinnings are big enough to make a salad.)

And for something really uplifting, we have-- dirt. That is, compost. Despite all expectations, the plastic Rubbermaid bin really did do a decent job of it. That's after over two years and little or no turning, but it's compost!

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grafix1da said...

OMG, what a GORGEOUS job you've done with your sand pit! Such a creative answer to what was left for you by the previous owners. Going to pass this link along to one of my friends that would enjoy seeing what you've done.
As for my mess, it's looking much nicer with 8 yards of loam and grass covering it. I'm somewhat new to gardening, so slowly, the yard is becoming more garden than grass. You'll have to stay tuned to see how it looks. I'll post some updated stuff soon.
Thanks for checking out my site!