Sunday, May 13, 2007

Help! I Mean, Hooray! My Mother's Coming!

Today I spoke with my mom in Texas to wish her greetings and felicitations on Mothers' Day. And she confirmed that she and my stepfather are coming here in June!

Yes, I knew that was in the works. They've been talking about it since last Winter or before. But ack! That's less than a month away! I was going to have all this glorious work on my dining room woodwork and wallpaper done for them to see it!

Well, forget that. The wallpaper I've got my eye on is a William Morris pattern that has to come from England. No time to get it and hang it by mid-June, even if it were in the budget at the moment.

All right. What shall I resolve before God and all the neighbors (virtual and literal) to accomplish before they arrive?

I can install the new kitchen sink faucet I bought nearly two months ago, to replace the one that's leaking all over the countertop.

I can do something about the gaps next to the bathroom medicine cabinet that were left when I took out the old one with the ugly built-in fluorescent lights. I have the plaster spackle. And the fill-in tiles. And a new medicine cabinet, so the one I'm borrowing from the basement loo can go back where it belongs. All I need is mastic and grout and getting around to it.

What else? My POs had dogs that left their mark, shall we say, on the beige carpet of the second floor hallway. My own dog has followed suit. It does not look nice. It smells worse. Do I get the carpet cleaner in? Or do I use this as an excuse to rip it up?

I should be able to get these things done, if not more. Right? So now I've put it in writing in public and I have to do it.

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