Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Free Landscape Rock

Anybody want some landscape rock?

Nice, varigated river rock, about 27 cubic yards of it?

My POs-1 were mad for river rock for mulch. All round the front and sides of the house, along the property line out to the sidewalk, along the three borders of the backyard fence, around the backyard trees, they put in load after load of river rock. They dotted in a shrub here, and a hosta there, but mostly, it was river rock.

And my POs thought that was a grand idea. So they topped it off and brought in more when they installed their above-ground swimming pool.

River rock looks nice. But it doesn't leave me the latitude I need to put in the herbacious borders I've dreamed of since I was an apartment-dweller.

I've used all I want paving the walkways in my kitchen garden (where the swimming pool used to be). And I've kept some over for spare cobbles. Now I want to get rid of the rest.

A local dealer charges $30 a cubic yard for it, without haulage. The haulage contractor who was here on Saturday will charge me $550 to dig it all up and take it away.

So does anybody within driving distance want to come to southwest Pennsylvania, and take a load away for free? Email me or leave a comment and we can make arrangements.

It's nice rock. It's just in the wrong place-- my yard.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I could use some of those river rocks... do you still have them? I serched the web for free river rocks and your post came up.... I know you posted it in May, but, I just thought I'd ask.... thx! Enrica

Kate H. said...

Hi, Enrica,

Your comment came up in my e-mail notification, and I replied to it there, but I don't know if it got to you.

So I'll say again here that yes, I still have plenty, two or three convenient piles, plus more yet in the beds. Are you in or near the Pittsburgh/Beaver County, Pennsylvania area? My email address is kahorstman@joimail.com, if you want to get in touch.

Anonymous said...

hey i realy need those rocks do you want to ship them over to jacksonville florida and then ill pay you what the shipping cost would be???

Kate H. said...

Darez caek in teh brakerume!! Lez awl goe!