Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stopping for a Bit

Here's where I'd soldiered on to by a little after 3:00 AM Friday morning:

Lightning-like progress, isn't it?

Worked all day yesterday, outside the house, for money (fortunately I didn't have to report for duty until noon).  Working outside again today, and I still have to finish writing my sermon for tomorrow when I get home.  So . . .  I might be able to get to the floor again Sunday after church and dinner, maybe not.  We'll see.  It's a little depressing, since I'd hoped to be nailing the 1st floor hallway trim back up by Monday afternoon. 

Give me another week.  I figure I have at least five-sixths of the job still to do, though that doesn't include the time it'll take to get the red color retinted more brown, if I can.  It's not as bright in person as it appears in the photos, but the floor's upstaging my pretty William Morris wallpaper and I'd like to dull it down a bit.  The yellow color probably needs a bit of the same.  Have to finish the first coat in the original colors, then I'll decide.

While we're at it-- a very happy Twelfth Night to you, and may you get the bean in the cake.

*Edit-- Hmm.  Maybe the problem is the yellow.  Maybe if I painted it over the second time with a brown, and left the terracotta red alone?


Jayne said...

I think it looks great!

Sherrill said...

Beautiful! Since you would like to tone it down a little, and you want to add a second coat, why not make a "glaze" with a little stain in it in the yellowish color you want and go over the whole floor? That way you won't have to paint each "tile" separately again.

Kate H. said...

Sherrill, that might be an idea . . . though I'm not sure I could work it. I didn't get 100% coverage on the yellow "tiles" and they need a second coat of paint. Very likely with a glaze, even a tinted one, the dark gray undercost would still show through.