Sunday, January 13, 2013

Choices, Changes

Continuing saga of the 1st floor hall tile pattern.  I tried to post Wednesday, to give an update on my progress.  But my computer wouldn't load the photos.  (Blzzzzt).

Let's see what luck I have today.

OK, above we have the view from the front room, quite over-illuminated and yellowed by the light sources. But you get the idea.

And now from the kitchen end:

These are as of early morning, Thursday the 10th, just after I completed the first coat of tile pattern.  Is anyone surprised that I think it's too loud and unsettled for a floor?

So that evening I called the Sherwin Williams store in Beaver Falls and asked Mark the manager if they were able and willing to retint as little as a half quart of somebody else's paint, and if so, for how much.  Sure, he could tackle that, provided I wasn't hoping to come out lighter or brighter, for $2 a can.

(I'm deliberately giving the particulars, so the Sherwin Williams people will get the credit.  The yellow color I originally chose was too greenish from the start, but the Lowe's paint department guy said they couldn't retint it to match another, toned-down color, even an untouched full quart.  I had to do that myself, by mixing in smidges of the red-orange.  And if you're wondering, the reason I didn't get the paint from Sherwin Williams in the first place was because when I bought it last fall-- thinking I was going to get onto this floor painting job right away-- the SW floor paint line wasn't on sale and I simply, simply cannot afford to buy it when it is not.)

I took the half-can of Valspar "Hot Pepper" porch paint and the three-quarters can of "Sunbaked" (again, tinted so by me) up to Beaver Falls and Mark the manager very skillfully added colorant to transform them respectively to "Red Barn," a deep-baked brick red, and "Ligonier Tan," a color that on the card looks almost khaki.  For convenience, I'm calling it "buff," in line with standard Victorian tile color names.

That night I laid the second coat on the first two rows, just to find out what the general effect would be, then let it alone till yesterday.  I got lots done yesterday.  Lots and lots.  Maybe too much.  Because the more I did, the more I wondered.  The new red color was good, lots better.  But the buff color . . .  I wasn't sure . . .  was it still too . . . ?  . . . I was afraid it was still too . . . .

Before I could cut myself off from getting upstairs, I maneuvered my way up to my computer and submitted the photo above to a little editing.  I came up with this:

I was concerned that I wasn't getting an accurate representation (Ha.  That's a laugh, considering my camera and my computer!), since both work lights were trained on the surface when I took the picture above.  So I shot it again in daylight, voilà:

Either way, with the brown it looks more like a floor and less like a flying carpet.  I posted them side by side to my Facebook page, and as of this afternoon the vote is unanimous for the scheme with the brown.  And here's precedent for it, from a British tile distributor's web page:

So now I've been to Lowe's ('fraid I have to continue with the paint I started with) and brought home a few card samples of possible browns, which I intend to study in all sorts of lights to see which one I'll choose.  That I shall change the buff to a brown is without doubt, as tedious as I find painting those 2x6 strips to be.


dynochick (Jan) said...

I can't believe how great that looks.

I had thought about painting my kitchen floors but I really don't think I have the patience for it or the knees.

Looking forward to seeing the end result.

Kate H. said...

Smooth leather kneepads. Couldn't live without them. ;-)

Karen Anne said...

I like the brown too, but I'm wondering about those blue squares. I would myself pick a more sedate color :-) one that is akin to the two main colors, maybe a lighter brown than the stripes.

Jayne said...

I like the brown too. For what it's worth, I also like the blue, but that's probably because the tile floor of my favorite pub is sort of a yellowish buff with small blue squares.

Smooth leather kneepads, you say? I will have to invest in those before I paint the laundry room floor.

Kate H. said...

Got mine at Lowe's.

As for the blue squares, they pick up a similar blue in the wallpaper, and tie in with the blue paint on the walls in the kitchen as well as the blue couch that eventually will go back into the living room.