Sunday, March 7, 2010

And About Time, Too

Yes, I know it's late. Or early. Whichever. But at about 11:45 last night I finally pulled myself away from the computer and got downstairs to finish stripping the 2nd floor hall.

Ran through the last of my current stock of Western Wood Doctor refinisher doing so: that's ok, I have more on order.

The floor as stripped also looks a little blotchy. That's ok, too: I have to give it a moderate sanding and that'll even it out.

Discovered something interesting as I worked. Remember that teal blue distemper that apparently was the original color on the plaster walls? I know they-- probably the original owners back in the 1910s-- got it on the woodwork. Well, apparently they also slopped it on the floors, too.

Anyway, this stage of the work is done. Hey, I got the Project Tracker to prove it! What's next?

Well, there are all those cracks and gaps to be filled. The best material for that will come from the leftover T&G floorboards they used to block in around the bedroom door. My idea is to pry them off, slice off the groove part, then put them back up. Oh, yes. And then take my handy-dandy rubber mallet and slam the slivers into the cracks.

That is, if I can work out how wide they ought to be . . . and how to get them properly tapered, where needed . . .

I'll deal with that later. But not too much later-- I go in for my surgery in less than three weeks and whatever I get done before then is what I get to look at for two weeks, more or less. With no way to do anything about it.

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