Sunday, June 7, 2009

Is the Plaster Fixed Yet?

In fine, no.

This afternoon-- pardon me, yesterday afternoon-- I dealt with the cracks in my 2nd floor hall ceiling, wielding the wonder of Big Wally's Plaster Magic.

But judging from the fact that the drill bit (masonry, 3/16") never penetrated more than a half inch before hitting lath and the special adhesive wouldn't come out the crack, but only slid down the nozzle of the applicator tube, I guess the plaster must not have been separated from the lath after all. How that could be the case given the cracks, I cannot tell. But that's the evidence.

I put the washers up anyway, and will take them down as prescribed around 6:00 PM tomorrow. I mean, later today.

Which brings me to the sloping ceiling over the stairs to my 3rd floor study. Oh, gosh, this plaster definitely does need repair. Desperately. I had people telling me it looked about to collapse two years ago. It's a marvel it hasn't.

So after eating dinner and putting a load of laundry in the dryer and moving the ladder and laying down the drop cloths and visiting with a neighbor kid who dropped by and doing the evening rounds of my garden exhorting the plants to grow! grow! and reading what my friends are up to on Facebook and watching a episode of Fashion Show and having my blonde cat misjudge the edge of the plastic drop cloth and fall off the railing down to the 2nd floor (she's okay, but my pencil mug, which she also knocked down, now has a broken handle), taking my dog out to the alley for his nighttime constitutional and having a Borough cop drive up and inform me they were looking for some guy who's slinking around breaking in garages, and doing who knows what all else, I hurried, yea, rushed to get that desperate plaster repaired.

Which urgent labor must wait longer for its consummation. I've drilled holes for maybe 14 linear feet of crack, with more yet to do. But no more shall be drilled tonight: the battery in the drill needs charged. Yeah, I've got a spare battery in the basement, but enough is enough. The hair in the plaster can hold it up awhile longer.

Besides, there aren't enough screws and washers to anchor all of this. Tomorrow the ones I used downstairs will be available. I'll need every last one of them, and maybe a few more.
A couple pairs of extra hands wouldn't come amiss, either.

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