Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ghosts in My Garden

This is what my camera captured in my back garden this chilly late October night . . . "I see dead people . . . !"

Or dead something, at any rate. These "shrouds" are purposed to protect the last of my sweet peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes, as well as the newest canes of the climbing rose, from a heavy frost that's forecast for early tomorrow morning. But judging from what I observed when I took the dog out early this morning, the covers may be too late. We got frost up here in the Valleys last night.

Still, I gotta try. There's a lot of peppers on those bushes that'll be fit to eat if they get just a few days riper.


Leslie said...

My garden looks similar this morning, though I doubt if many ghosts dress up in yellow floral or blue and green plaid flannel!

Nora Hutchinson Johnson said...

pretty spectres! Just popping in to see if you ever wrote about your time at Howard Hall Farm.....I'd love to read what you thought about the class! Also, we started a new forum, so I wanted to invite you to join.....keep in touch! Hope the job stuff worked out well. Best wishes, Sarah