Tuesday, October 9, 2007

An Ethical Issue, or, You Snooze, You Lose?

A late development on the basement waterproofing front:

(If confusion ensues, see previous entry.)

Ted's Rilly-Dri Basement Company* called me back about an hour ago. They can send out an estimator to talk to me about that interesting dry basement system early tomorrow afternoon.

Hooray! That gets me my three estimates before Thursday afternoon, right?

Well, functionally, yes. But am I wading into an ethical swamp?

Because the only reason I know that Ted's Rilly-Dri installs this interesting system is because I inadvertently got the national office when I thought I was calling OvenDry Waterproofing* this morning. Phone receptionist says, oh! in your area, Ted's Rilly-Dri Basement Company installs our product! Call Ted's!

I called Ted's Rilly-Dri; at that point they said they might be able to get someone to me this week-- or not.

A few minutes passed. The phone rang. It was the receptionist from the dry basement system's national office. She says, "We've found your contact e-mail to OvenDry Waterproofing. Yes, I know that Ted's Rilly-Dry is supposed to cover your area. But you contacted OvenDry first. So you have to go with them. It wouldn't be fair to switch now."

So she connected me directly with OvenDry, which is the first time I'd actually spoken with them, and which was when they told me they can't get to me till the 25th at the early-early-earliest. Which is too late for me.

And now Ted's say they can get an estimator out tomorrow. And I've made the appointment for him to come.

So have I done something naughty? Or given my time frame, did OvenDry take themselves out of the picture and everything is clean and clear?

(As might be said in another context, "Skrwepullus Kat Iz Scrwepullus!")
*Made-up names

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