Sunday, August 7, 2016

Obliging My Fanbase

There has been a Great Clamour from teh Interwebz that I should update the houseblog.  OK, it was one friend on Facebook.  But yes, I am hip-deep in a project or two that warrants recording.

But I'm viewing that last post from November 2014 and thinking how pathetic that wallpaper photo looks, with the final piece not trimmed at the cornice, and it's only right I should post something showing how the dining room came out once the trim was back up.

This isn't such a great photo, either.  It was taken with my cellphone camera, which doesn't have a wide angle setting.  But it should give some idea.

This is from this past January, and shows the new curtain rod that will hold the sheers--- once I get them sewn together and hemmed.  I bought them on clearance from the Big Blue Box Store maybe two years ago, and it turned out that the pattern on the lace panels doesn't align.  Never mind: it wasn't that far off and they needed shortened anyway.

Here's a better view of the curtain rod:

 It's actually a piece of copper tubing I spray-painted bronze and capped.  The brackets I appropriated from the actual drapery rod, since it needs ones with a greater projection to clear the lintel and its cornice.

I'd hoped to get the sheers altered and up by now, but stuff happens.

But that's not what you're here for, is it?  Bigger things are going on, but that will have to wait.  There is such a thing as sleep, after all.

EDIT:  Here's a recent photo of the dining room, with the trim up, in the daytime.

On the table you see the evidence of the "or two" project I referred to above.  But I'm saving that for later.


Jan Hunyady said...

Just last week I was going through my list of blogs and almost send you a note saying "was sup?"

Looks like you have been busy busy busy.

Looking forward to an update.

Kate H. said...

Thanks. During the school year I'm working up to 13 hours a day, plus working on my novel. House reno and blogging about it kind of gets pushed aside. ;-)

Mayfair Mistress said...

Funny, I was just thinking about you too. I guess the universe just decided to relay our thoughts for us! Glad to see all is well!

Jan Hunyady said...

When I have read a blog for awhile and they quit posting I start to wonder/worry about them....LOL

I'm glad you're alright and still stripping.....paint that is....LOL

Marlene said...

Thanks for the update, I love following your projects and your openness about the setbacks. I am so impressed with your energy and motivation to keep working on things. You have the resourcefulness of my Kansas roots.