Sunday, March 30, 2014

This Is What Is Known as "Existing Conditions"

My big goal after prepping the dining room last month for wallpaper was simply to get all the bills and receipts and tax documents entered and sorted out so I could have a clean Study for the first time in months.

Have I achieved this?


I've  been Writing, and obviously not on this blog.

I've had the fiction writing bug for a few years, but not very seriously:  ideas rattled around in my head but I seldom got around to writing any of it down.  Kind of like a renovation project that always in the planning stages and never gets built.

And then one day you finally get out the shovel and start digging, and who knows what you'll find.  In my case I found writing obsession, broken by periods like the present one when I'm a little stuck and I'll mess around on the Internet for hours rather than do the work to push on through.

Last November I started a writer's blog where I could post my productions and moan and groan about the turmoils of an amateur fiction writer's life (what there is of it).  I put it on WordPress because for various reasons I didn't want my Google/Blogger name(s) St. Blogwen/Kate H. attached to it. But I have mixed feelings about WeirdPretzel (which I describe here), so a week or so ago I started a doppelganger Blogger blog, under a separate Google name and account.

All right, now I've revealed all that here, my cover is blown.  Obviously.  Never mind, there's a method to my madness.

Both blogs are named The Writer Sits Down, and you're invited to pop on over to your choice of platforms and see what my mind has been building while my power tools have been idle.  The novel I'm presently revising is about two architects, so that's renovation related, correct??

 But speaking of DIYers and existing conditions, may I present this:

"Human Remains Found Behind Home."

That is why contractors demand more money for Contingencies.


dynochick (Jan) said...

I used to complain about finding rocks and stones. I much rather find rocks than bones, ewwwwwwwww.

Donna said...

For the last several months I been having trouble read your blog because the plain colored background use for your blog is replaced with the background wallpaper. I only have about 1 minute before the wallpaper shows up. Does anyone else have this problem. I do enjoy reading your blog and miss not being able to keep up with what you are doing.

Karen Anne said...


I am not seeing that problem, but I do have difficulty reading some blogs because of backgrounds or typefaces.

Some browsers have ways to fiddle with how a webpage presents itself - you can flip white/black to vice versa, override fonts, and so on. You might look at the tools and addons for your browser.

I normally use firefox, but I have chrome installed also, because some websites do better on one than the other.

If you're not using chrome, I would try installing it (very simple) and see what The Sow's Ear looks like on that.

Kate H. said...

Hi, Donna, I'm glad you're visiting The Sow's Ear and I'm sorry you've been having difficulty reading the blog.

It should be off-white text on a teal background, over a transparent/white base, with William Morris's "Blackthorn-Green" wallpaper (yeah, actual wallpaper) under the transparency and on either side. When it first loads on my computer the whole background is a medium yellowish-green with no wallpaper, but that goes away in half a second, which it's supposed to do.

What are you seeing? Is the teal under the type missing once the Blackthorn comes up?

I'd try Karen Anne's suggestions. I'd hate to have you give up visiting.

I clicked over to yours and I'll be sure to read it as soon as-- as soon as--

*hangs head*

As soon as I finish writing the current chapter on my bloody novel . .