Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Something, at Least

Starting this past weekend I, for the first time since mid-February, have gotten some work done on the house.

Wax on, drying
Saturday I only got a coat of floor wax onto the main stairs (which I gave a fresh coat of shellac in January) and the painted hallway floor.  Exhausting, and it took an absurd amount out of me.  Not sure if it did much good.  Actually, now it picks up footprints where it didn't before.

Buffed out, more or less
Never mind.  It's reversible.  I'll deal with it later.

Then the past three days I've been putting trim back up in the hallway.  Yes, really.  Bit by bit, and my brain is still so fried from coughing that I have to stop whenever things get too complicated, but it's getting there.

 Sunday, two pieces of baseboard nailgunned on.  This is to the left side of the doorway to the front room.

Lined up with stair stringer

Gap between floor and wall filled with old paint stirrers!
Baseboards nailed up

Yesterday, blocking added to the head of the doorway to the kitchen, and shims cut for the baseboard to the right of the door to the front room.

Blocking to nail the head trim to

Gap shimmed on the righthand side
Tonight, nailed up the plinths for this doorway, the righthand baseboard, and the righthand jamb trim.  Also took a rag and some walnut-tinted shellac and touched up the places where I'd damaged the shellac job while redoing the floor.  Of course I managed to knock the cup of shellac over and spill it on the floor, but I had a rag handy and wiped it up.  Any residue I can take some alcohol to later.  I mean, I don't think alcohol will damage an acrylic finish . . .

A lot more shimming is needed before I go any further.  The doorway to the kitchen is a Chinese puzzle, the way the trim fits together.  And I haven't got the concentration or the stamina to work it out tonight.

But this is something.


Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

It's looking lovely.

Jayne said...

That floor is gorgeous! I am envious of your trim skills--my brain just cannot comprehend how to do that.

Mayfair Mistress said...

I know that floor probably had you to the point of tears, but it, combined with the wallpaper and stained trim is beautiful. And I used that same acrylic on my bathroom floor and it has held up fine . . .