Monday, March 12, 2012

In Case Anybody's Wondering . . .

Why no pictures lately?

Because about two weeks ago my Canon digital camera sat down and flatly refused to turn on, ever, ever again.  It'd been having lens trouble for awhile, but this was the end, fini.

So on the first of the month I went to WallyWorld and bought a Samsung P20 camera, 27mm wide angle lens, great for interiors, great price, 10% off because it was the demo model.

Well, it was the demo model.  That was the problem.  In light of the great reviews the model has received online, I will allow that that's why it couldn't focus in any light, at any ISO setting, in any shooting mode (examples are in the post of Thursday the 8th).

Took it back, and I've ordered a FujiFilm FinePix Z90 to replace it.  I've had FinePixes before, and they've done pretty well in the focussing department.  Best price was from B&H Camera in New York, whence I've purchased cameras and equipment plenty of times before.

But as Providence would have it, I ordered it just at the start of Purim.  And the B&H folks, being good observant Jews, close the place down for the holidays.  So for a few days, I'm without a digital camera.  I'm shooting a few record photos with my old Minolta 35mm film SLR, with a throwaway film camera, and with my phone (that I have no Internet plan on).  So I may have illustrations for the previous posts one of these days-- just not now.

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